Hi there!

Wildwood Images

I'm Caitlin, and I'm here to tell your story. 

I started Wildwood Images as a way to connect with families through artful storytelling. I see my job as simple, to show your life, right now, as it is. If a 4 year old doesn't want to smile, I don't force them, and instead of asking kids to hold still, I move right along with them. I don't shy away from getting dirty, I've been known to enjoy a good blanket fort, and I never ever miss out on a dance party. 

Our tiniest moments in life are often to most precious and meaningful when we look back. I want to tell your family's story. Tears, laughter and all. 

Let's start with page 1. Tell me about your family. 


I’m Caitlin

A lifelong creative, workaholic lover of gardening, hiker, activist and visionary. My life is full of projects, dreams and fresh vegetables. I love to travel with my camera and dream of my tiny house retirement. 

This is Tim

Fine artist, bonafide member of nerd culture,  introverted, perfectionist, and the love of my life. He loves to go backpacking in the wilderness, camera in hand, but for the past 4 years, he's been far more interested in portraiture. 

This is Dahlia

Dahlia is our 10 year old Blue Healer rescue. Caitlin's had her since college and she's the most loyal, sweet and kind creature we've ever encountered. She loves to run, get into the trash and eat carrots.